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Ward Pattern And Engineering 


Wood Shop


The pattern shop produces pattern equipment from paper LOMs, clay models, completed blueprints, or CAD models. With the ability to cast existing parts or tooling and transfer these models to a plastic pattern, aluminum pattern, and iron or steel molds via duplication, the wood shop can quickly and accurately provide tooling for a wide variety of applications.


Bridgeport Mill
Kindt Col. Disc Sander (2)
Sount Bend Lathe 10"
Walker Turner Drill
Yates American Planer
Zimmerman Router (2) FZ0, FZ1
Oliver Jointer
Delta Unidrill
Zimmerman Belt Sander
Master Spindle Sander
American Vertical 36" Band Saw
Craftsman Table Saw 100

Metal Shop

The metal division uses state-of-the-art CAD/CAM/CAE packages to control the CNC mills , and one Rambaudi 600 Duplicator with a Fidia CNC control capable of duplicating, digitizing, or CNC programming. This, coupled with 2 Rambaudi duplicators, bridgeport mills, and lathes gives the Metal shop the ability to quickly produce a wide variety of production molds and tooling.


Fryer VB-100 3-Axis Machining Center, 100" x 40" x 38" travel
Rambaudi 600 Duplicator with Fidia CNC Control
Milltronics RH-30 Mill, 60" x 30" x 28" travel
Milltronics Partner VII Mill, 30" x 34" x 28" travel
6 Bridgeport Mills
Jet Large Bore Lathe
Rambaudi Ramcop 600 Duplicator (2)
Ayce Horizontal Mill
Tree Mill
Cincinnati Mill, Model 4-Horizontal-Large
South Bend Lathe (3) 6", 8" and 17"
Leblond Lathe 17"

CAD Department

The CAD department has the ability to import 3D customer models or translate a blueprint or sketch into a 3D model. Using Pro/Engineer and Mastercam, they can use these models to quickly build accurate tooling with any of the 4 CNC mills connected to the shop network or provide the wood or metal shop with the information required to build tooling.

Software & Equipment:
Pro/Engineer, 4 seats

Mastercam, 8 seats
Windows 7 Pro CAD/CAM workstation (5)
Windows Server for file backup and storage
FTP server for large CAD file transfers.
HP Designjet 500PS Plotter for full-sized blueprints and photos
10/100kbps ethernet network spanning the entire shop and all CNC machines

=     WARD CORPORATION:  642 Growth Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46808  (260) 426-8700


Cad Department